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Terms of Service

Quantitask.com, also called Quantitask (or simply "the service"), is an online-only task management application from 7329873 Canada Ltd ("the provider" or "we"). It is provided on an AS IS and AS AVAILABLE basis. 100% service uptime is neither promised nor implied, and the service should not be used in critical applications. The provider disclaims all responsibility and liability for the availability, reliability, timeliness, and security of the service.

The service is designed to function on as many devices using up-to-date, standards-compliant web browsers as the provider feels to be practical. We reserve the right to alter the selection of supported browsers and browser versions without notice or liability.

The service is available for personal use only. In addition, registered users must be at least 13 years of age, or the lowest age mandated by local laws, whichever is higher. In registering for the service, you represent and warrant that the information you provice is both corrent and current, that you agree to all the terms listed in this document, and that you have the necessary right, power, and authority to enter into such an agreement.

In registering for the service, you agree not to use the service for any purposes that are in any way illicit in your country and Canada. In addition, you agree that you are responsible for your own communications and their consequences, with respect to any local laws. Primary servers running the service are located in Canada, and data export laws from your country may apply.

A registered account can be terminated at any time by following the process starting in the Settings page.

Privacy Policy

Any personal information gathered while using Quantitask.com will not be shared with, or sold to, third parties, unless required by law. The types of personal information include information entered while registering, as well as the contents and associated meta-data of tasks (both outstanding and completed) and reminders.

Industry-standard safety precautions are taken to prevent malicious access to your account. However, we cannot guarantee that the service will never be hacked or any given user's information never compromised.

Within the system, task and reminder descriptions are stored in plain text. Our staff is forbidden from viewing individual users' task and reminder descriptions, unless required as part of an investigation. However, automatically processed and anonymized text can be used to glean aggregate insights about our user base, and even published.

Due to the need to maintain backups of user data, user information will tend to exist in multiple copies, and will not necessarily be immediately erased in the even of account termination. Given what was discussed above, we ask you to kindly refrain from using this service to document illicit activities.

Quantitask.com uses browser cookies to maintain a login session. Google Analytics is used on pages that do no require being logged in, and may place its own cookies on your device.

This privacy policy may be modified without notice.

About Us

Quantitask.com is a project of 7329873 Canada Ltd., located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.